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Highland Tour

Highland Tour


The Upper Island Tour in San Cristóbal allows you to explore the upper part of the island, offering a diverse range of attractions and natural wonders to discover. Highlights of this tour include encounters with the giant Galapagos tortoises, a visit to the island's only freshwater lagoon, a pristine white sand beach with turquoise waters, and the opportunity to experience the island's distinct climatic zones.

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80% hiking

20% swim

Time agreed upon with the passengers

5 hours

Price Includes

English/Spanish naturalist guide

Transportation to the different sites

Price Excludes

Soft or alcoholic drinks




Arrive 15 minutes before the tour departure.

Bring a rain jacket and hiking shoes.


Boarding: 7:30 am

The tour starts from the Darwin Scuba Dive agency, where the guide will be present to accompany and guide you throughout the activity.

Laguna El Junco

From the port, you will board a van or bus, depending on the number of passengers, for a 30-minute journey to Laguna el Junco. From there, you will follow an easily accessible path for approximately 15 minutes until you reach the viewpoint, which offers a breathtaking view of the lagoon and the surrounding landscape of the island. While at the viewpoint, you may also witness frigate birds soaring above, as they frequently visit this spot to cleanse their salt-covered bodies in the lagoon’s freshwater.

La Galapaguera

La Galapaguera is a location where giant Galapagos tortoises reside in a semi-natural environment. Here, you can encounter tortoises of all sizes, from the smallest juveniles to fully grown adults. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to observe Darwin’s finches and experience the typical vegetation that characterizes the area.

Playa Puerto Chino

Finally, you will visit Puerto Chino, where you will embark on a 15-minute walk along a scenic path leading to a stunning white sand beach. From there, you can take a short hike to a viewpoint that offers breathtaking views of the landscape. During your time at Puerto Chino, keep an eye out for blue-footed boobies and pelicans near the shoreline, while in the water, you may encounter sea turtles and sea lions.


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