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How many airports are there in the Galapagos Islands?

May 1, 2023

There are 2 airports in the Galapagos Islands, located on the islands of San Cristóbal and Baltra (Santa Cruz).


  • San Cristóbal Island has an airport that provides convenient facilities for travelers, just 2 minutes away from the city. To get to this island, you must take a flight from the cities of Quito or Guayaquil, with a flight duration of 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  • The easiest way to reach Santa Cruz is by taking daily flights from the cities of Quito and Guayaquil. The flight time from Quito to Guayaquil is 30 minutes, and it takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach the Galapagos Islands from Guayaquil. When arriving on Santa Cruz Island, it’s important to note that its airport is located on the island of Baltra. Therefore, you will need to take transportation to reach the main island of Santa Cruz.

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